Tankless Water Heaters

Only Plumbing is your best source for tankless water heaters in Newnan Ga. At Only Plumbing we provide two brands of tankless water heaters NORITZ and RINNAI. Both units operate at 95% efficiency, and carry the same 12 year warranty on the heat exchangers and a 5 year on parts. When we prepare to install a tankless water heaters both manufactures suggest to have certain connections in place prior to installation of any heater unit. The particular requirements are as follows…

  1. ¾” gas supply. (most natural gas tank water heaters have a ½” line in place but a tankless unit requires a larger supply to perform as specified)
  2. A standard 15A outlet at the location of the tankless unit. This is to operate the electronic control panel & pilot light on the unit.
  3. Adequate fresh air and ventilation.

Upon any request for any tankless water heater unit installation we would first perform a site visit to confirm that the necessary connections are available. If not, we will make arrangements in have them installed. Get Endless Hot Water Today!

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