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Only Plumbing is your reliable drain and sewer service in Newnan Ga.

Are your drains running slow or backed up? All sorts of things can cause a drain to become clogged including hair, paper products, food waste, grease, or roots. There are even situations where settling occurs outside and proper drainage is lost from the building to the street.

Plungers and store bought cleaners will only take you so far in cleaning your drain and sewer. Liquid drain cleaners can be very dangerous for an untrained person and possibly cause damage or injury.

At Only Plumbing we utilize a safer mechanical drain and sewer cleaning method. This may be performed by using a mechanical sewer machine or a water jetting process. Not only are these methods far more efficient at removing clogs and debris but they eliminate all the dangers that using chemical drain cleaners pose.

Our drain and sewer specialists are available 24 hours a day

Only Plumbing also provides sewer video inspection. We do this by utilizing a fiber optic camera that is threaded thru the drain and sewer system so your plumber can view all the workings of the line.

Next time if you face any drain problem give Only Plumbing a call. Your reliable source for drain cleaning and sewer line replacement service in Newnan Ga.

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